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Dear Educator, Parent or Interested Visitor,

The Choice Game™ STDs CD ROM entertains and educates students as they re-examine risk-taking behaviors in a contemporary and exciting way. With each choice made, decision-making skills are exercised and learned. The STDs curriculum uses a computer-based game to challenge students with real life scenarios and influences involving bacterial vs. viral STDs, sex and the role of drugs and alcohol, sex before marriage, “not everyone is doing it”, medical treatments and costs, effect of STDs on babies, affects relationships with family and friends, emotional and physical consequences of STDs.

To emphasize the importance and professionalism of the STDs versions of The Choice Game™, in 2003 the STDs Version of The Choice Game™ received the Crystal Award of Excellence for External Communications and Education from the Communicator Awards in Arlington Texas .

The STDs Version of The Choice Game™ is funded through the Department of Health and Human Services. Numerous focus groups were conducted to ensure that the STDs scripts, content and actors were acceptable to both the students and the educators. Our SPRANS grant funds place The Choice Game™ STDs curriculum in 28 schools in Newark , NJ educating 10,000 students from July 2001 through July 2005.

Two separate STDs segments tell critical, important and life-saving stories.  Each emphasizes the need to understand and STDs their impact on young people.  If you are interested in teaching the important and critical lessons of STDs to youth in a manner that truly inspires and helps them to make healthy choices, we suggest you contact us.  This Curriculum can and will save many young lives in middle and high schools - Grades 6th through 12th:

  • Boys and Girls Clubs or other neighborhood after school programs
  • Middle and High Schools Grades 6 through 12 Health or Life Skills Classes
  • Home Schooling
  • Case Study Materials for Psychology or Sociology
  • Youth Detention Centers or Boot Camps
  • Church Youth Groups
  • An Individual Gift for a young person
  • An excellent resource where literacy is an issue for parents or students

The STDs Version of The Choice Game™ Curriculum is directed by Emmy Award Winning Director Dan Karlok, narrated by Actor and Film Maker Stephen Baldwin, and includes youth oriented original music. Also available in VHS, audio CDs and cassettes formats with Journals for Students, Workbooks for Parents and Guides for Teachers available. A DVD version will be available in June, 2004.

Please email us at for further information. We hope you will be moved to join us in helping young people make better future life decisions.


Kathy DiFiore,
Producer - The Choice Game™ - Drugs/Alcohol Version

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